Jesta group

Штаб квартира
Floor, New York, NY

The Jesta Group manages a diversified portfolio of property assets across several sectors, including, commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality in some of the most beautiful cities across two continents. With headquarters in London, Paris, New York City, Berlin, and Montreal, the Jesta Group is able to leverage local contacts and experts to capitalize on intriguing opportunities. The Jesta Groups highly experienced international team has overseen countless large and complex property transactions on each of these continents. The Jesta Groups strategic diversification of assets into both location and property holdings, enables complete adeptness at managing risk and market exposure and strengthens the value of their investments. Beyond diversification within the property sector, the Jesta Group have secured assets in a number of other industries, including information technology, air travel, manufacturing, and fashion. The Jesta Group prides itself on their ability at identifying promising investment opportunities wherever they may lie.